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Owner financing & Lease/Purchase

Owner financing

We have 2 options available:

  1. The typical owner finance. This is a sale where the property owner will require around 20% down payment and an interest rate in the 8% range. Mortgage is amortized over 30 years, however since the owner does not wish to be a “bank” forever, they will require refinance in 2-3 years. Of course, all terms are negotiable, and some owners are willing to finance for a more extended period, like 5-10 years. With this type of owner finance you will be able to refinance your home before your term ends with NO penalties so you can lower your interest rate and monthly payment. Closing can take place in as little as about 1.5 weeks, or within 30 days, depending on how soon you need to move. Call us today for more information and to receive a list of all owner financed homes that match your search criteria!
  2. Owner finance program. We have a group of investors that are interested in becoming your mortgage “lenders”. There is absolutely NO credit/income check, also you do not need a SS card. All you need is a valid picture ID and down payment and closing funds to be able to buy. First step would be to take the home buyer class that is held at the title company every week – that’s where you can decide if this program is for you, and if so – you can sign up for it and you can buy ANY HOME that is on the market. The program does require minimum of 20% down payment. Call us today and we can send you to the next owner finance seminar available.


With this option, you will rent your home until you are ready to buy it. In most cases, you can get in it for as little as the first month’s rent plus equal deposit. This option is something to consider if you are working on your credit or pre-approval qualification requirements. In case you decide not to exercise your right to purchase, you can treat this contract as your rental and move on to your next home at the end of the lease term. You could move in as soon as 2-3 days or within 30 days, depending on the house and your preferred time frame.

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